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Posted on Thu, 17 Jan 2013 by KiM

Nicolet, a real estate developer from Amsterdam, emailed with a really impressive project she just completed that I had to share. It is an 90 m2 apartment in De Pijp area. The Ruysdaelkade is formally known as a red light district.  It is a studio with a walk-in bedroom and walk-in bathroom. I created a patio to provide more day light. I bought it as on office and turned it into an apartment. It is build around 1920 as a temporary church in name of our Queen, but unfortunately there are no signes of that anymore. Unfortunately, for the sale of houses in Amsterdam, everything needs to be pretty plain without being to eccentric. I absolutely love the simplicity of the space. It allows the gorgeous details to stand out – like the hardwood floors (YES!!). And that patio – so cool!!! (View the listing here)

(Photos by Monne Zwemmer of Studio Senz)

Lisa says:

Love the space. Love the cook top. Definitely agree about the desk. Chair should face out. Less glare on the computer screen that way, too. Would love to know how well the shower works for keeping water in the shower area, but it's gorgeous.

Wow wow wow… so amazing, I could live there! Loving the indoor garden concept too. Thanks for sharing.

Mig says:

"I get anxious just looking at the desk facing away from the front door… bad feng shui….?"

Just what I thought. Phew! 🙂

Overall, great job!

Wow, it looks amazing!

Jamil says:

Love it, light and space are well used… good job.

Like @Mig the only remark i could give is this desk in front of the street window ? It's cold, no privacy?
Weird… Why not make a small open cloakroom?

Peter Paan says:

Toilet is a living room and patio away from the shower?

M. says:

It's great 🙂

Cussot says:

I'd roll the chair around to the other side of the desk. And wouldn't a huge pull-down shade be interesting between the desk area and the end of the kitchen? Perhaps a giant photo of a forest scene or ocean surf …

Shane says:

It's true Nannette! Although I'm bored with the glass walled showers. I, for one, have no interest in having to squeegie (sp?) them after having a relaxing rain shower, but everyone I know back home has one. If and when I move back, I'll be hoping and praying for an apartment with a standalone tub. Although you know how difficult that is to find, ha!

swindon offices says:

I have never in my willdest dreams thought that an office space could be converted into such a great place. It feels as if they are made by some experienced designer. The aesthetics of the photographs here are amazing and I just love the different ideas posted here.

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