A space by Meme Design

Posted on Thu, 24 Jan 2013 by KiM

This room is for cooking, eating and living, therefore it was designed with maximisation of space and comfort in mind. Each cupboard and drawer has been considered for optimum size accordingly to purpose. Behind these doors the kitchen comes to life while closed neatness prevails! There was a desire to conceal as much visual clutter as possible while still functioning efficiently as a kitchen, a pleasant dining space and a relaxing living area. The kitchen geometry was carefully composed involving the windows and doors in the design. Views to neighbours have been blocked off via new highlight windows. By visually extending the room into the garden the indoors shares the outdoor aspect and creates a strong visual focus for the room. Interior design and architecture firm Meme Design, of Melbourne, Australia was responsible for this simple yet beautiful space. I adore the kitchen. Sometimes less is more. (Photography by Sonia Mangiapane)

Karen says:

Thankyou for showing a garden, the inside and outside is lovely.

It's amazing to me the amount of thought and calculation it takes to create a space like this one that is both functional and comfortable. Nothing is hidden or camouflaged behind pillows and wallpaper. Instead, the space speaks for itself. Quite a feat to achieve and VERY well done!

oregonbird says:

I am all with the 'less is more' meme. It defines my life at the moment… seriously gotta get more life. And on paper, the black cabinet made sense. It would pull the table, the windows, the stove, together in one grand statement. Mathematically. /skreeeeee!!/ Then we hit real life. Ouch. Match the wood of the island. Better, go with the grey of the countertop. Because nobody wants the center of the universe to be the stove hood. Visually, that black box is heavier than everything else in the space put together, and it must go.

This place is full of clean lines alright! I think the yellow accessories was a smart choice.

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