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Posted on Fri, 25 Jan 2013 by midcenturyjo

Spare and white and achingly beautiful in its simplicity. Lo Spazio, the photographic studio, art space and home of Milanese photographer Davide Lovatti. Also home to Art.Rent, his gallery of photographs, sculptures and installations available for hire. A stylish home, a fabulously talented photographer, inspiring work.

This place is lovely, sparse but with very personal touches. The bedroom is my favourite

Just so love the recycled dining table and collage of artwork to create interest in a sparse space.

Is that the Michelin man up there on the rafter? Sneaky little guy.

Ko-Shin says:

I LOVE the zen tranquility, but feel like its to museum-y in the fireplace/hearth area! That should be a cosy place, and there would have definitely been a way to be monochromatic and minimalistic, yet still achieve that result!

Venia101 says:

It's a little too sterile to give off a homey "someone really lives here" feel. I do love concrete floors and that nice wall of storage up above. I was a bit set back by the big red NO. It really put off a negative vibe in such a clean airy environment. Maybe I'm just strange though. 🙂

Gio Morales says:

It¡s a very masculine space and it's plenty of light everywhere. The fireplace area is my favorite

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