Leinster Gardens

Posted on Tue, 29 Jan 2013 by KiM

Check out this stunning property, the latest on the roster of London estate agents Domus Nova. It’s a DREAM home – the architectural details, the high ceilings, the herringbone hardwood floors….
Leinster Gardens in Bayswater is the home of independent developer Ivo Hesmondhalgh who bought the building just three years ago. Looking for a complete change, the high ceilings and vast spaces of some of the rooms were what wooed his family and work began in ernest to restore the building to its former glory whilst finding a way to also create a very 21st Century home. The end result is a beautiful family home over four floors that has three bedroom suites and three further bedrooms, one of which is used as a teenagers lounge space. The open plan kitchen combines a sitting room and dining area with a more formal drawing room and dining room located elsewhere. 

Elfya says:

Fabulous pad but the dead bear on the floor? Really?

Patrice says:

Amazing place and this in London! Well balanced decoration I must say. A few pieces of art on the bedroom walls would add though.

mister.b says:

I can tell from the view from the window exactly where this house is – I used to live a couple of doors up when I was in London. It is such a contrast from the rather shabby beige-painted brown-carpeted bedsit with partioned off shower/kitchenette I called home!

kerosdesign says:


Alva Sara says:

Such Like as A DREAM !!!

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