Emma Thomas update

Posted on Thu, 31 Jan 2013 by KiM

I am totally in love with the portfolio of interior stylist Emma Thomas. Her portfolio has brightened up significantly since 2010 when Jo blogged her work. Each space is perfectly decorated with just the right touches to wow but not overwhelm. I just want to climb into the bed above and have a loooong nap.

Erica Cottrill says:

Love this eclectic space! Truly inspiring!

Love the cast iron and old rose tiles in the bathroom.

Laura Thomas says:

Just love her style! Laura x

Sasha says:

Absolutely love her style! Every room makes me feel like I wnat to live there and will be happy ever after, almost tells a long story!
Also want to say THANK YOU to Kim & Jo for creating such a wonderful, inspirational and soul warming website! I visit very day and without it my day would be a grey soul-crashing time in the office wallas!
Thank you!!!

Too gorgeous for words…

KiM says:

Thank you for the kind words Sasha!

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