Bach on the bay

Posted on Tue, 5 Feb 2013 by midcenturyjo

A simple family holiday home at Shoal Bay on the rugged coastline that is New Zealand’s southern Hawkes Bay. An unpretentious bach, the beach side shelter that the kiwis do so well. This is a holiday home where sand is trekked in and wet swim suits are the norm. Sliding screens provide shelter from the changing winds and decks between pavilions allow the sun to shine in and cosy spots to be in yet out. A house that has a sense of place, of past, of person, of purpose. A house by Wellington-based Parsonson Architects.





Graeme says:

Absolutely great looking place, the scenery isn't too bad either.

Wow, may I ask more about this post please? This is just down the road from my home. This is my back yard this beach and I love it. Did someone fly over and photograph this place or did you get a New Zealander to? There are many fabulous homes at this beach. Would love to hear more. Amy x

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