Anya Hoffman

Posted on Thu, 28 Feb 2013 by KiM

It is so refreshing to see spaces designed by someone who clearly enjoys what they do and wants to bring a smile to everyone’s face who has the pleasure of experiencing their work. I’m talking about designer Anya Hoffman who is based in Cologne, Germany. What a pleasure to stumble upon her portfolio (she has an online shop too). 

oregonbird says:

I couldn't live there, but I'd definitely think up reasons to come visit several times a week. There's such an Old World sensibility going on — it's disappearing as a naturally-produced look so, much like breeding endangered animals in zoos, I'm glad that there are designers who bring so much talent to bringing it to life. Color with gravitas – not easy to deliver these days. And the necessary update is subtle, but so, so fluffy! The bath is in the bedroom, isn't it? And why not! My only grumble (and I can see the visual reason, so it's a tiny grumble) are books out of reach.

WyGal says:

The bravery of that kitchen is just astonishing to me. Right now you see so much muted design out there. I don't know if I could live there but that kitchen floor…I would do it…yes I would!

Live there? In. A. Heartbeat! Compare this colorful, vivid, vibrant and ALIVE space with the cold, neutral, blank, unemotional white box. Yes, this is a space in which you would LIVE not just inhabit. Bravo!!

Ve says:

Love the first picture but it all stops when I get to that kitchen. Can't deal with it. LOL

Mpho says:

Not my taste, but I can see in those pictures to take some ideas to blend of my own to fit in my personal taste.

Amina says:

housing is beautiful, full of life and vitality with ethnic touches such as beautiful.
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Kisses! Amina

Cristina says:

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