Posted on Thu, 28 Feb 2013 by midcenturyjo

Perched on the water’s edge on an island south west of Stockholm is the H-House by Arkitektstudio Widejdal Racki (whilst practising as Arkitektstudio WRB). Like the Surfers House in a previous post, the building is about reacting to the changes in the weather. Roll open the windows, enjoy the open courtyards, bask in the summer sun and take in the view but when the wind blows and the temperature drops there are covered, protected areas and an outdoor fireplace.

This house is fantastic, I'm completely swooning. Great pics

URSULA says:


Amhalise says:

Isn't that the house they used for "Girl with the dragon tattoo"?

Poochie Lou says:

I adore EVERYTHING about this house! Amazingly perfect, understated elegance. Highlights are the outdoor fireplace and the very cool plunge pool, spa…and the views…and the configuration around the open courtyard…the list goes on…

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