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Posted on Thu, 7 Mar 2013 by KiM

I am back from 9 days in Mexican heaven, and have sadly returned to Canadian winter….without my freaking suitcase. I have never had this happen to me before, and never imagined how irritating and what a nuisance it is. Not a great way to end a fantastic holiday (by the way, I highly recommend Puerto Vallarta as a FAB holiday spot, having been there I think 6 times now). I am in desperate need of some cheering up so I thought some awesome photography by Toronto photographer Derek Shapton would do the trick.

Cheryl says:

Two things…is that Charles Pachter, the great Canadian artist, in front of his house in the fourth photo from the bottom?

Where did you stay in PV…would you recommend it?

Love your style.

Chantal says:

Silly question: What make and name is that lamp in picture 7. I have been following design blogs for years and it appears (in variation) in every other post but I have never known the make. Thank you for assisting me in my quest.

KiM says:

Thanks everyone! (my suitcase is still MIA dammit!)

Cheryl, not sure about the artist. As for PV, my parents have been renting a condo at the BayView Grand the last several years (I shack up with them in the second bedroom) and it's AWESOME. It's not a hotel though so none of that all-inclusive stuff (but the apartments are fully equipped with kitchen/laundry etc.)

Chantal, it's a Serge Mouille 3-arm wall sconce. (Unfortunately it's a very pricey light fixture).

Ana says:

Do you know where the dining room rug is from (yellow pattern)?
I love the Freedom rug you had a giveaway for, but am located in Canada (Calgary) so couldn't participate in the contest. I'm looking for something like along the lives of that for a rug. Suggestions?

Marta says:

Ana – hope it's OK that I answer 🙂
The yellow-patterned rug is from IKEA:

Jerry says:

Wow, these are all absolutely gorgeous. I love the living room with the "patch" rug.

KiM says:

Thanks Marta – I didn't know that was from Ikea. (LOVE IT!)

PDLab says:

@Jerry – That space is by Prototype Design Lab, and the rug is by Calle Henzel Studio:

KiM says:

Thanks PDLab! (You guys always rock!)

Jen says:

Hi! Great photos! Does anyone know the maker of the table in the 2nd and 3rd picture?

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