Kristin Perers and the beauty that is 50

Posted on Sat, 16 Mar 2013 by midcenturyjo

Why is Jo Bibby the first photo on my post today? The founding partner and designer at Ochre is just one of the inspiring women photographed and interviewed by Kristin Perers for her blog this is 50.

“As a designer, stylist and more recently a photographer I’ve spent my career trying to create beautiful things. Now I realise it’s not about fashioning beauty but finding it. And finding it in the everyday things around me. When I look now at women in their 50s I see so much beauty. And I want to know their story.”

As a woman also in her 50s and just about to embark on a new career journey Kristin’s blog could not have tumbled into my lap at a better time. Inspiration, beautiful women, beautiful photos. And just because I can I’ve included just a few of my favourite images from Kristin’s interiors portfolio.

Congratulations about that post! I am also in this group and just undersdtood why I like your blog 🙂 – there is a lot of wisdom, substance and depth, and at the same time inspiration that are not that easily accessible to younger women without the experience we already have. I suppose that there are a lot of us who create and estimate beauty in a more mature way and we deserve to have our club 🙂 – what do you think?

Paddy says:

Jo! So on the money. Women in their 50s? t is the hour of the power, I am sure of it. I too am on a new journey, complements of Mr Murdoch. Blessed be those who reach out into the internet and inspire others with thoughts of beauty!

Beauty is necessary, especially in our modern day world. We need to be able to rejuvenate and block out the noise of too many ugly images. Beauty has the most wonderful ability to make us step outside of ourselves for awhile, to be inspired, to realize how lucky we are to be alive, to get the necessary stimulus to become creative again. My heart soars when I see a beautiful painting or picture, or read a beautifully written book, or look around and realize nature has so much we can still learn from. Sometimes we just have to stop, and look, and push our minds to see beauty in little or big things, and be grateful for them. After all, life is not about chasing happiness, it's about looking around and seeing it, everywhere! Carpe Diem, and enjoy.

Thanks for this Jo! I am not in that group YET, but i agree that beauty in everything and evrybody should be celebrated! Thank you celebrating that evryday. And those women… Their beauty and wisdom shines through inside and out!

Ashley says:

I seriously died with excitement when i saw/read this post! I am a frequent visitor to your blog and love your content, but this has to be one of my favorites! I will def be noting her work and linking you on my blog. So beautiful and inspirational!

Carrie says:

I was so happy to see this post! I sometimes feel like the blog world is dominated by the 20's & 30's these days, and I know there are plenty of women in their mid-century years with style, grace & beauty. Wonderful. Thank you!

Anja says:

The tv is tilted! There are ways to call for attention and then there are other ways! I am 47 but not afraid of 50!

I am honored to be a member of this club…and always have to chuckle when people are so surprised by my age…as If I should be winding it down when in fact…
"I'm just gettin warmed up!!!"

The This is 50 project is important and inspiring work. As a woman of 30 I am beginning to look towards women in their 40's and 50's for inspiration, their solidness if you like and their depth of experience offers so much more than the one dimensional young role models.

I hope that the project receives the admiration and success it deserves.

Amazing images. Beauty does not have an age.

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