The no words just pictures real estate stalking posts for Easter part three C

Posted on Sun, 31 Mar 2013 by KiM

Again, this isn’t actually a real estate listing but whatever, I thought it was worthy. 🙂 Via The Village

Jessica W says:

Those walls look like a dust trap. I would hate to have to clean them!

erinorea says:

I have never posted here before. And very rarely anywhere else. But those walls are the uglies walls I have ever laid eyes on. It's kind of incredible really. The person who thought those up deserves an award.

anna says:

This is not at all nice or interesting, must have been very difficult to do it, but it looks ugly, if I may use only one word to discribe it.

kris says:

Those walls makes my skin feels really itchy, don't know why …

susan says:

the walls are interesting. makes me want to reach out & touch them!

Inspirational styling, hopefully practical as well…

oh holland says:

The walls give me the heebie-jeebies.

Suzanne says:

I think it would be really interesting on a fireplace or ONE accent wall. But, yeah, dusting!

oregonbird says:

Naturally, I think the walls are fabulous. Living inside art would be wonderful — dusting would be something to be done every three or four months at the most. As for the horrors of wandering about admiring your beautiful home while flicking a long-handled duster — it really doesn't seem that much of a chore. (Lazy, lazy!)

Andi says:

I think it's neat! Nice to see something really different!

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