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Marcia Prentice – part 2

Posted on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 by KiM

As I mentioned earlier today, there’s more Marcia Prentice photograpy goodness I wanted to share. I could not help but notice several photos in her portfolio featuring some fantastic art (and I love bold artwork) so check these out…

Marcia Prentice

Posted on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 by KiM

Marcia Prentice is a self-taught photographer from Los Angeles who I think was born to snap photos. I’m so glad she emailed because I’m really stoked to share her photos with you all. You may be familiar with her work as she blogs/photographs for Apartment Therapy and has done some design work for a couple HGTV shows (she has a degree in design). Lucky girl! Here are some of my favourites from her portfolio. And there’s more to come later…

LLI Design

Posted on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 by midcenturyjo

Open plan kitchen, dining and living spill into a private garden, surrounded by lush greenery. Relaxed and casual, stylish and contemporary. It could almost be subtropical but this bright and inviting family home is in Highgate, North London. By LLI Design.

One day

Posted on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 by midcenturyjo

Do you know that moment when you turn the page of a magazine or scroll down a blog and there it is… that picture? The one that grabs you, talks to you, transports you and inspires you. Yes you know that feeling. You have folders of saved images, boards full of pictures you have religiously pinned. Thoughts tumble around in your head. “One day when I re-do the bedroom/when I buy a house/when I get the energy to paint and wallpaper or just declutter. One day I’ll find that picture I saved.” Welcome to the portfolio of stylist Kate S. Jordan. One day I’m going to find her pictures in my inspiration folder and follow her lead.


Posted on Mon, 18 Mar 2013 by KiM

Yes, I do appear to be all over Brazilian designers these days. Atria is the architecture and design firm of Gustavo Costa and Gabriella Müller. I am smitten with their sleek, modern designs that have a playful sensibility.