Lavender Bay Boatshed

Posted on Tue, 2 Apr 2013 by midcenturyjo

Lavender Bay Boatshed, a three storey apartment in the renovation of an historic timber building on Sydney harbour. The design explores space, solid and void, pulling and stretching and piercing. The expansive and public meets the private and contained all tied together with skylights and shafts that frame “that” view and draw in the light. By Stephen Collier Architects.

Coco says:

Wow. I was in love until I got to the pictures of the bathroom. Seems odd to put such overpowering tile around that extraordinary tub. I would have let it shine on its own but each to their own I guess.

Ulli says:

I do agree with Coco…

annie says:

I agree also. Love the kitchen however – one of the nicest I have yet seen.

lin says:

Way too many gimmicky design choices going on here for my taste. That bathroom is going to get very old very fast.

MsGuad says:

all I could think of-was how hard it would be to heat that bathroom…you'd freeze in that bath with that huge open ceiling over it. I know the architects were probably under fairly strict heritage constraints when they designed this space-but I've seen nicer!

atma says:

I don't comment so much, but I actually loved the tiles in the bath. Way to get some interesting colours in but keep the light, white feel

mike says:

I find it all very bland , almost office like , ( except for the bathrooms which don't deserve further comment ) , a real missed opportunity here . Looks promising from the outside but is a real letdown on the inside . The location is fabulous however and speaks for itself .

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