Posted on Thu, 4 Apr 2013 by KiM

Flamant is a home decor company with shops in Belgium, France, Germany and Italy. They have done some residential interior design projects that are classic, country, Gustavian with bits of modern vintage and contemporary thrown in for good measure. Love the neutral colours, and completely head over heels for the the tiles above. 

I love Flamant, there are three shops in Athens, Greece. One of them is located in a gorgeous building, it must be an old barn. I especially love their china cupboards and bookcases.

Bara says:

If you love the tiles, and I know I do too, then check out http://www.emeryetcie.com/, if you don't know them already. They have those, as well as many other beautiful things,

You discovered Flamant! Copper Strawberry is your source for Flamant in the USA – I import Flamant of Belgium to the USA. -we export to Canada as well. Visit our website; follow us on Copper Strawberry's Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest.
I enjoyed your words about Flamant. Thank you!
Kind regards,
Julie Thompson
owner/founder Copper Strawberry

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