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Posted on Tue, 9 Apr 2013 by KiM

I would absolutely LOVE to have a super long dining table. AWESOME. And the lighting almost send me over the edge. Add in bookcases and chalkboard and I am having heart palpitations.

I love a mostly modern kitchen…and then I see a kitchen like this and I want to change my mind. The moldings, the windows, the antique furniture as kitchen cabinets, and throw in that massive vintage light fixture and you’ve got one helluva sweet kitchen.

Eye candy once again by Alexander James.

I agree with you! A long dining table is a dream, and hopefully I will find just the right one. Even though it will most probably not be this long.

Belen says:

I love the lights in the first photo!

Cata says:

I love EVERY SINGLE THING in the second kitchen!! I want it all!!!

alina tran says:

can´t really decide!

I agree completely, the lamp of the first photo is awesome!!

Annie says:

The lighting is to die for!

The lights on first picture are amazing!

rooth says:

That first dining room must be of a party house – I bet the owners are awesome entertainers

annie says:

Fantastic kitchens – and I'm with you on the second one too. I don't usually like the more traditional aesthetic but I'd make an exception for this one!.

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