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Posted on Wed, 10 Apr 2013 by KiM

I thought I’d share a little peek into the portofolio of Swedish decorator and stylist Ewa Björnsdotter. I’m always a fan of black furniture – and this post makes me want to grab a can of black paint and paint something. As a matter of fact, I’ve convinced myself to paint this chair black. It resides in my bedroom and since I brought home some black and white items from Ikea the other day for that space the chair totally needs to go black now. 

Mrs. Tibbs says:

I think your chair would look really great in black and the chair cushion should be large scale print. (I'm just saying.)

Hi There!! Thank you so much for showing the Pictures from my portfolio, they are actually from my own home 🙂
Thank you again!! //Ewa

KiM says:

OH! Your home is beautiful Ewa!

Jali says:

A wonderful post, I see what you mean about the black furniture, it does give the room a wonderful look. That is a brilliant way of making a piece of furniture your own, painting it a new colour, but of course is are other customised furniture that you can get to make your room your own, most of these come plain and they can be painted whatever colour you want.

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