Mirella Sahetapy

Posted on Fri, 12 Apr 2013 by midcenturyjo

What makes the work of stylist and photographer Mirella Sahetapy so striking? It’s simple. It’s the power of simplicity. Limited, muted colour pallette, clean lines, nothing extanreous, the faded strength of the contast between shadow and soft light. Like a faded Dutch Old Master. Beautiful home – Mirella’s home as it appeared in Elle Decoration, NL. Beautiful portfolio.

Mohamed Amin says:

A bit traditional and a bit eclectic. Loved it cause I see memories not just a design.

Wendy says:

The first 6 photos are pretty but most elements are just photoshopped into the pic (and quite poorly I must add). It's not an actual shot of an existing interior but more of a collage of stuff that look nice together. Beautiful colours nonetheless but it should've been photoshopped better because now it's a bit distracting.

Carol says:

That's what I thought at first too, but I came to the conclusion that it was intentional for its surrealist quality. It doesn't always work, but I think it's cool. Check out the missing shadow of the stool in the first shot. The woman and the cat are floating too. Some items are deliberately two dimensional. The gimmick is kind of fun but the interiors are definitely beautiful.

Helen in AshevilleH says:

Happy Birthday Jo. May all your dreams come true.

oregonbird says:

The photoshopping really does make this more ghastly than anything else. Not something I expect to see on this site — please leave such things to the Daily Mail.

Megan says:

I originally thought the same about the photoshopping, but was super happy I had clicked on the whole feed because that "studio" space with the wooden structure is amazing!

suz says:

Agreed, that's a no-go on the photo-shopping. If it is supposed to be deliberate and obvious, then it needs to be much more so – play it up and make it truly surreal. Otherwise, it looks like bad student practice.
And the way it is now, takes away from the elements that are there.

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