A little bit of country

Posted on Mon, 15 Apr 2013 by midcenturyjo

I am a creature of habit it seems. Mondays are developing a distinct pattern. Mondays are the day I run away to a virtual retreat, escape to a veritable feast for the eyes. I play make believe. This Monday, then, is no different. I’m running away as fast as I can to this little eco cabin in Uruguay I found on the pages of Elle Decor España. Simple, unpretentious and beautiful. Don’t come visit me straight away though. I’m draining the water tank dry in that outdoor shower. I know. Not very eco of me but I am just day dreaming here… and what a lovely daydream.

Ypille says:

Oh! I'm going country now!

lisa says:

I have a file of pictures of ideas to build my dream cabin on a piece of property I bought a few years ago…. this tops them all. Truly my dream cabin come true. Someday………

The top image is great! The casual landscaping, relaxing porch, and the metal roof is awesome! There are some pretentious details here and there but overall, this is a nice place!

oregonbird says:

Hard to decide whether that huge pot should have water or fire in it! Water, it gets a leeeetle kinky… I'm okay with that.

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