Stalking on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 20 Apr 2013 by midcenturyjo

It’s one that got away. A time capsule of 60s cool. Stepping down a sloping block in Fern Tree, Tasmania is this brick and glass split level designed by David McGlashan. A tweak of the bathrooms and kitchen, move in my West German pottery collection, switch on the Bitossi lamps and rub the danish oil all over the teak table. I’d be in heaven. Alas I missed it but can still dream. Link here while it lasts.

This place has so many cool lines and shapes. From the floors to the tiled walls to the ceiling and beams. There's so much to look at!

JebberJay says:

Super cool. The beauty is in the structure itselfe and the glorious settings. Yum yum yum

Denise says:

There must be a sad story involved with this sale. Otherwise, why would anyone ever move from such a place?

bed shop in Romford says:

So beautiful. i am in love with this place. Great location, well decorated, garden.. everything is perfect there.

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