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Posted on Wed, 24 Apr 2013 by KiM

I’m not usually a fan of red, black and white kitchens but this one is super cute! Not sure why the stove is located where it is but hey, you gotta cook somewhere! Styled by Anna Cardell.

Chie says:

Yes! a very Swedish mentality of a compact living. Simple yet so fashion!

I saw lots of IKEA stuffs, like the cloth/curtain hanging under the sink to name a few.

Anna is one of Swedish famous textiel and colour designer.

Great job for always featuring Swedish products.

Greetings from Stockholm,
/CC girl

Billiga Avloppstankar says:

Love the red fridge and the some of the small red decorations! But I think the red and white checkered floor is a bit too loud for my taste.
Now I want a red fridge!

Sergio says:

Red & white + gray countertops would be the limit, the black stove and curtain seems to be over the top. Also in doubt with the location of the stove, specially with the second photo, that gives me the sensation that space was not a problem. And the sink….squeezed next to the wall and stove, no much space to work around….Now, the fridge is SUPER.

Those retro fridges are great. Too bad people don't hold on to their stuff and take good care of them. Instead they get to pay 5 times the going price for the retro look.

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