A mag feature and some dishes

Posted on Sun, 28 Apr 2013 by KiM

It’s a busy week & weekend for me so I didn’t have time to do much blog surfing for my blog favourites post so instead I give you more stuff I took photos of. First up is a magazine feature – 6 whole pages! – of my kitchen renovation. It’s the Well-Styled Home summer 2013 issue of Kitchens & Baths. 

Another major event this week was the arrival of more of my Wonkiware dishes from Green Light District. When Deborah & David’s shop was located here in Ottawa, I discovered these gorgeous handmade dishes from an artist in South Africa and fell in love. I purchased a few pieces each time I visited (they’re investment dishes shall I say) hoping to eventually acquire a decent amount to be able to use them when having peeps over for a meal. I had a set of 4 (soup bowls, pasta bowls, side plates and dinner plates) and when I heard from Deborah that the artist had unexpectedly changed up the style of some of them, she agreed to bring some to Ottawa with her on a recent trip. I totally adore these dishes and have blogged them before (I think the last time was here) but could not resist taking more photos as these are my dream dishes and I am overjoyed to now have a set of 8 (except for side plates, Deborah only had 2 left of the original style). 

I love the raw edges of some of the pieces. It gives them a rustic, more handmade flavour. 

I nearly had a coronary when Deborah told me she included some desert bowls in my package as a gift. !!! They are so adorable. The desert bowls and the dinner plates all have the raw edge and plain, no-pattern design. The rest of the pieces have a sort of lace pattern and finished edges. 

Platters for this set were on sale so I requested one of those as well (although my mom now has 2 of the dinner plates that are large enough that she uses them as platters).

Unfortunately my house is tiny and I have no designated dining room where a hutch or something similar would be perfect for displaying these gorgeous dishes. Instead, I have to improvise, and have spread the dishes throughout the kitchen (there’s no way they are being hidden in a cabinet – plus, my cabinets are full!). I placed the platter is in some narrow shelving leading into the kitchen, the side plates and soup bowl on the shelves over my cabinets, the dinner plates and pasta bowls on top of the fridge, and the dessert bowls in my dining table centrepiece. 

Now I’ve got to run and get ready for the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show!!!

Anna says:

Am I seeing right or is it the glare on the glossy page? "Once upon a time, this kitchen in OTTOWA, Canada…"?!
Beautiful kitchen, wonderful pictures. I sooo envy creative people! Congratulations!

Amber says:

Congratulations, and what a beautiful job you did!

KiM says:

Anna, you are seeing right….but it is spelled properly later on in the article. 🙂 Thanks!
Thanks Amber!

Deborah Peets says:

SO happy you love the dishes Kim! Send us a pic from time to time when they're in use! Deborah, Green Light District

Michele / Ottawa Alternagrrl says:

OOhhhh …some nice styling tricks here. I have a bunhc of swhite metal things I have been looking to style, thanks for the ideas…. (Michele /Ottawa alternagrrl).

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