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Posted on Mon, 29 Apr 2013 by KiM

This little blog apparently supplied Elisabeth with inspiration to come up with this absolutely incredible lake house. WOWZERS. I can’t help but feel like a proud mother because this weekend getaway is a DREAM.I bow down to her for coming up with that ‘sub’ kitchen – I have plans for something similar in my next house and now I’m totally sold on the idea. (FYI: Her architect was Jay Corder).

the house is right outside of austin, tx on the pedernales river. we live in houston and drive there as many weekends as possible to relax, have family time and let our kids wakeboard on our boat.
the house is 3000 sq ft. with four bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths. there are a lot of great aspects about the house. the bunk room is cool because it was built to be an indoor/outdoor room for the kids – bunks inside with huge glass sliding doors that open out onto the ‘outdoor’ part of the room – a screened sleeping porch. we also have another interesting interior design aspect which is what we call our ‘sub’ kitchen. we have 2 main kitchen counters out in the main living space and then the sub kitchen is a small room adjacent to the kitchen that houses the refrigerator, shelf storage, an extra dishwasher and counter appliances and can be closed off with giant barn doors to hide all of that or to hide dishes after a dinner so the party can go on without a mess.
we love the simplicity of the house. it is incredibly functional and also provides such a relaxing respite for our family.

Judy says:

this is an AMAZING getaway – lucky Texans!

Kate says:

This house is beautiful and I completely understand how your blog could supply the inspiration. Your blog has been my inspiration & daily pick-me-up for some time now. First time ever writing something but long long long time follower.

Janice says:

Lovely! the high ceilings are a thing of my dreams and those built in bunks make me swoon. LOVE!

Love the fact that this house is well designed and yet so unpretentious! Wishing for a sub kitchen myself!

Blanders says:

My new definition of "rich": when your second house contains your fourth dishwasher.

But given how dreadfully most wealthy people decorate their houses, this understated, beautifully planned, low-maintenance simplicity is a breath of fresh air.

Eva says:

I love this house! And I appreciate all the pictures in your blog. They are gorgeous

When I had an old house with a little room for every conceivable purpose the one I loved best was the scullery – extra fridge and freezer, sink , dishwasher – for exactly Elisabeth's reasons. I just can't wash up with an audience.

Katie says:

Love your house! Would you tell me the brand of those fabulous round chandeliers? 🙂

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