Mestre Paco

Posted on Thu, 2 May 2013 by KiM

There’s nothing like a rustic interior with bits of modern to keep things current… throw in Spanish architecture and I’m packing my bags. These spaces designed by Mestre Paco, based in Mallorca, Spain are just the right amount of rustic and modern. They’re easy-going, easy maintenance (no scatches on the floor!), and in my humble opinion, pretty sexy.

atma says:

I was going to say oh my God those lamps are gorgeous. Then I scrolled down and everything is too gorgeous for words. Can I move in, please?

Kathy G says:

I really love this. I love the different tones of white, ivory, grey and cream–allowing for using color judiciously to individualize different rooms. I love the common floor tile throughout. I also love how the dining table is pushed against the wall allowing for a separate communal lounge area. The bathroom is TDF (I would have to convert a bedroom for that space). I am also in love with the distressed/whitewashed wood. Very beachy.

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