Even the urban cool have sofas

Posted on Wed, 15 May 2013 by midcenturyjo

A few days ago I posted an edgy inner city pad by Nicholas Gurney. Comment was made about the lack of a sofa and a TV. Back came the retort that a funky inner city type would be so busy leading a funky inner city life that he wouldn’t need a sofa or a TV. Now the apartment is for sale (here) with just a few more photos that we haven’t seen already and gee whiz what  do I spy? Sofa, TV and a table and chairs. So was it a case of furniture out for the judging of the Australian Interior Design Awards 2013 or furniture in for the real estate listing photos? Do the urban cool have sofas? 😉

Ypille says:

Functional and über cool! I want to go back to my early 20's and have one!

sarah says:

LOVE this even better with sofa and table.

Kathy G says:

That is much better.

Rupert Bocstrotter says:

Surely is was staged for / by agents with not such cool ideas.

Ikea sofa ? And tres yawn table mit chairs ?

Me thinks the svelte urban meterosexual man has moved out.

Jake says:

Beautifully design house. Small house have small space until you did a great job. Bed and sofa are designs perfectly you design that you have a lot of space in the house very thing on its place.

myself says:

Rupert bocstrotter appears to be a friggin knobhead, got anything positive to say, nutbar?

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