Posted on Thu, 16 May 2013 by midcenturyjo

Shipping pallets and containers. An outdoors art space temporarily created for the 2012 Brisbane Festival.  A performance and exhibition space where the building materials were borrowed from sponsors and returned at the end of the festival. Now I’m not suggesting for you to “borrow” pallets to define spaces within your backyard but what a cool idea. Designed by Brisbane architects A-CH (Atelier Chen Hung).

Sparky says:

Oh! I love this!

Merveilleuse installation. I love it.

superdutch says:

Gorgeous! Every time I am in Australia I marvel at the fresh take Aussies manage to have on the built environment, whether it is on ephemeral constructions such as these or the wonderful residential architecture as shown on this site.

Tony says:

Lovely photography. Would be interested to know how those seats that look like champagne corks were made out of too.

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