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Posted on Fri, 17 May 2013 by midcenturyjo

I just wanted to say thanks for dropping by each day. This blog has taken me on such a wonderful journey and given me my creative moxy back. So much so I have done something very exciting and a little scary. I have opened a new bricks and mortar store in my home town of Ipswich, Queensland with my good friend Kerrie. Faded Empire, Shop 2, 17 Ellenborough St, Ipswich in fact. A contemporary shop with an old soul. Fashion, furnishings, flowers and of course interiors. I promise there will be pictures to come but we are still tweaking a few things. (What am I saying! The doors are open but the new lighting isn’t in. We are still awaiting some stock and the cabinets for the jewellery are in pieces but we are close, very close.) Here are just a few of the flowers I put together for Mother’s Day last week. They may be a few days old but I hope you don’t mind 😉

sarah says:

Best of luck in your new venture! My family has had a retail store for 35 years and I grew up in it, still work there. I love having a store, know you will, too.

lin says:

Congratulations! I had a shop carrying the same kinds of things for seven years. I still miss it.

WyGal says:

Congratulations Jo! I would love to visit your shop in person!

Mônica Sagula says:

Congratulations and good luck!!!!

Tamara Deacon says:

Congratulations, how fortuitous for me as I am in Queensland also (Mount Tamborine). Will definitely come and check it out on my next treasure hunt out that way. Absolutely love the "Thistles" mixed with the "Bells of Ireland" (used to be a florist also), I think your new adventure is going to be very successful. Cant wait to see all your creativity in person and I LOVE your blog! To think you were in in Queensland all along…

awww, thank you…and congrats! it's a daily pleasure to follow you. best.

oh holland says:

Bon chance, Jo!

rooth says:

That's so exciting – congratulations!

sue says:

many congratulations! ipswich is actually my birth town! fabulous to hear when new life is being breathed into the ol' gal! will look out for you next time i'm back, but in the meantime i shall spread the news!

Sabine says:

Thanks! And thanks to you too. Your blog is such a great pleasure to read and follow as well as a great inspiration. The places you show look real, one can see others living in them … not just decoration. I absolutely love it. Best of luck to your store. I am in Germany so chances of dropping by are not likely … yet if I ever get to Queensland I sure will! Cheers

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