A spacious loft

Posted on Tue, 21 May 2013 by KiM

This property is loft living at its finest. I have and always will adore loft spaces. The ability to have all that space, and those huge windows and high ceilings, to be able to cram it with furniture or keep it at sparse as you wish…the possibilities are endless. This loft is to die for. It’s 2700 sq ft in a warehouse-style building located in London, with 3 bedrooms, each with it’s own bathroom. It’s been totally renovated by the current owner, and one of my favourite features is the flooring continuing along the wall in the kitchen and in the media area. I’d just throw in some industrial touches like some funky light fixtures and maybe some metal carts/cabinets and I would settle in quite nicely. 🙂 (More details here, and the agent’s page here)

You can read more about this loft at Hurford Salvi Carr‘s blog here.


MAGNIFIQUE LIEU! que d espace! MAIS impersonel à mon gout!t TROP LISSE , Trop rangé!
POURQUOI tant de canapés? des meubles chinés aporteraient une atmosphere chaleureuse à ce loft qui en est complétement dépourvu! dommage!

oregonbird says:

The only thing wrong is the complete absence of privacy or a view. As a living space, it's gorgeous, but I would frost the windows.

CockatooPete says:

Actually, scratch that. Just opened my drapes and went out for a fag. I really do love my views!

Stella says:

Like said … this loft is to die for!

atma says:

I'm so envious of all that space right now

Rupert Bocstrotter says:

260 m2 in London, YES please.

SIRS says:

More project info on http://www.sir-s.net

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