Stalking shadows

Posted on Tue, 21 May 2013 by midcenturyjo

What’s that? Am I stalking the supernatural? A fleeting shadow? A ghostly apparition? A stencil on the wall? A cute and clever touch to a very narrow side passageway where not much will grow but a bare block wall is just a little too stark. A modern extension to an historic terrace in Fitzroy North, Melbourne. Link here while it lasts.

oregonbird says:

A post-modern, minimalist Addams family abode! The long entry hall is about as foreign to me as a souk, but I'm learning to appreciate it as the lifeline it is.

Markus says:

Lovely bones and finishing details (the bluestone and wood!) but the furniture is a little bland

I agree great use of the narrow side passage! very original.

The long entry hall are the bane of these terraces around australia, however with single story terraces they can become really lovely with big skylights added. Shame this place hasn't gone that far but in this price range it can be forgiven.

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