Casa Montani

Posted on Wed, 22 May 2013 by KiM

We received an email from Italian photographer Francesca Pagliai about a luxury guesthouse she photographed called Casa Montani, located in the heart of Rome. It’s so classy and perfect for a getaway in such a magnificent city. 

Lazio, Rome.
It’s Monday morning and Campo dei Fiori greets me with its fruit, Indian spices and souvenir stands.
Giuseppe and Charlotte Montani have just finished renovating their little apartment in nearby Piazza dei Satiri, in which you can find a fountain right next to the entrance that delivers water from the aqueduct of the capital.
On the corner of the building you can see an ancient marble mullion that was probably put there from the builders to indicate that it was an illustrious palace, that came from an important history.
To confirm first owners’ lust, we find the interior staircase, that brings you from the ground floor up to the top floor. The design and how it’s made are really similar to those of Borromini made for the staircase that accompanies you to the crypt of San Carlino alla Quattro Fontane Church, obviously changing the proportions.
The architect, responsible for the restoration of the beautiful space, is Miss Liliana Sciacca, one of the most renowned architects in Rome. Her touch is unique: clean in the structures, refined in the definition of the details, really careful at the fine-tuning and at functionality of the spaces.
The brands that we can find in the house are Chelini and Artemide in the bedroom, and in the study a Poppi Clei.


Elissa says:

love that glossy green door!

Vladimir says:

very good!

Abbey says:

wow, what are the flowers in the window in the stairwell..

KGinPL says:

This artistic picture is amazing!

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