Not your ordinary bathroom

Posted on Tue, 28 May 2013 by KiM

I have another luxurious, statement bathroom for you with a serious WOW factor by Royston Wilson Design & Minosa Design. This one is pretty bold, with a larger than life Mr. Bonaparte checking you out while you bathe. Black colour scheme, LED lighting that changes colour, and a disco ball over the tub, this is definitively not a bathroom for the faint at heart. Did I mention WOW? (Read more about it here)

Love the design but I think, for me, I would leave the head out? Definitely detracts from the design.
Love the underneath color lighting.

Danny says:

Wow I love the mosaic!

Susann says:

I'm in love with the mosaic head! But the bathroom dosen't work for me. Cant help myself, there are a few elements not really going together for me. I can imagine the head in a clean simple dark bathroom. And the rest of this bathroom would be enough.

Uschi says:

I love the head… the whole idea…. It must be amazing to greet the day with such a "wow-effect". Must give you a feeling of invincibility.
To last the effect a bit longer though the courtyard outside of the house would be good to be adapted 🙂

oregonbird says:

Not for those who suffer from 'shy bladder'. 🙂

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