Tree House

Posted on Tue, 11 Jun 2013 by KiM

I have dreamt about having a tree house for as long as I can remember. Living in this San Diego home by architects Taal Safdie and Ricardo Rabines would absolutely be a dream come true. To look out your windows and all you see are trees and sky……

oregonbird says:

From the outdoors, not something I'd ever look at. From inside? I want to live there. Light, air, open levels and the perfect size. The kitchen finishes are spectacular, and the appliances are well placed. That is a lot of wine to keep in a room that heats up regularly!

Lea says:

Eucalypts everywhere! Looks a lot like the Australian bush. I love the house.

Jana says:

This is how I imagine the best house and living… and the parrot!

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