Wanderlust, er sorry, Windowlust

Posted on Tue, 11 Jun 2013 by midcenturyjo

I have a craving to travel to this marvelous house, home invade and refuse to leave. I’m lusting after the steel and glass windows. A truly beautiful, eclectic home bursting with personality and humour. What else would you expect from jj Locations.

Sparky says:

Oopsie, just caught myself drooling. ;o)

oregonbird says:

Beautifully put together. I was iffy about all that marble, but the black steel really modernizes the look. I have more than a few bones to pick with the kitchen, starting with the horns. Horrible! Not just for the usual 'ick' factor, but as a visual. And that bright blue with GREY walls? No, no, no. Yes, they wanted continuity, and grey is the new white, yadda. It did not work in the kitchen. Period. So you move to a clear pale violet, or an earth tone!

You wouldn't happen to know who did the bedding under the dog? Because wow.

Kate says:

That dip dye bed spread is lust worthy!

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