Posted on Wed, 19 Jun 2013 by KiM

Pattersons is an architecture firm from New Zealand that is responsible for the creation of some really spectacular homes. Not too fussy or over the top, they specialize in modern designs but keep it simple and elegant. The sheep seem to approve. 🙂

oregonbird says:

Unfreakingbelievable. Makes you want to own a quarry. Modern castle designs are so much practical than medieval piles of stone!

Mallery says:

Can I tell you how happy those photos make me? My dream is to have a modern home with sheep. Thanks for making my morning. 🙂

Ianaê says:

Loved it! I'm in love with Perihoa House. Visited the site and loved every project! Incredible! I'm Brazilian and I love your site! I'm a student of architecture. Warm hugs from Brazil!

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