Villa Llucmajor

Posted on Tue, 25 Jun 2013 by KiM

Villa Llucmajor is a stunning 750 sq m home on the Spanish island of Mallorca designed by Anja Peter of AP Design. A wonderful juxtaposition of a modern structure and ethnic decor. It’s a slice of paradise that would be a wonderful escape from reality.

oh holland says:

Dead zebra as decor = horrid humans inside. Don't care how fancy everything else is. Taxidermy is heartless and tasteless.

Erin says:

The kitchen, bathroom, and art are gorgeous, but I do have to agree with oh holland on the zebra head. It's a little scary!

oregonbird says:

There seems to be a subset of the extremely well-to-do that has far too much money and far too little taste. Yes, it tends to come with taxidermy (we all wear leather shoes and most of us eat meat, we are all guilty of 2nd-hand exploitation at the least) but it also comes with a very strange sense of proportion. The visual balance is usually off, with overlarge pieces and over-embellished details used for pointless emphasis. (The bathroom mirrors, for example.) I call it the 'genie effect', and I'm fairly certain that it takes quite a bit of talent to pull off. This is one of the smaller homes of the type, and there is restraint, but the sense of unearned ego does come through. It is probably comforting for people who move from place to place, and like to be surrounded by proof that they have all they want, and there's more just waiting in the wings? Okay, you can tell I don't get it! I'd find it uncomfortable to live in a place pulled together from an immense warehouse/Aladdin's cave of just slightly tacky, fabulous items built to accommodate someone about 20 inches taller… and made of electro-plated gold.

oh holland says:

ORbird — I always enjoy your perceptive comments.

I happen to be vegan in every way I can, so no there's leather in my wardrobe, vehicle or household, but I know the world is not in sync with that level of a cruelty-free lifestyle. So, I don't say anything about animal-derived decor except for the taxidermy thing. Objectively, it's plain creepy. And I think it takes a special kind of uncaring person to display animal parts.

In a funny way, I can somewhat accept the old-fashioned notion of a big game hunter's trophy in a masculine library, but not the modern trend of buying up dead animal parts to dot around the house.

leigh says:

I have to agree. I do not understand taxidermy. This house is dotted with the evidence of a person who enjoys killing other living creatures.

The kitchen and bathroom are beautiful though.

Sparky says:

Though I RARELY have difficulty falling asleep at bedtime, I think the large painting of sheep "for counting" is a fun touch.

Anna says:

First e big plus for your wonderful blog. But I have a critical comment too: it´s the second post with a dead head of a zebra! Don´t you think there is ak kind of responsibilitiy you have by "inspiring" the taste of your users?

Klemon says:

I love the pendant lighting in the dining area. Any information on where I can purchase these?

Lynne says:

The silver pendant lights are exactly what I have been looking for. Do you know where I can purchase them?

KiM says:

Sorry I do not know the source of those light fixtures. Restoration Hardware has similar.

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