A converted stable

Posted on Tue, 2 Jul 2013 by KiM

We have blogged many conversions on the blog, mostly churches but we have blogged a few stables. I think this one is my favourite. It’s so beautiful – especially the juxstaposition of white against the original timber stable walls. I could absolutely live here. I’d have to do a smell test first though. If it still smelled like horse I’d leave it for someone else. 😉 Via AR Design Studio

Jenny says:

It's beautiful, but I'm not too keen on the enclosed kitchen. Other than that, I'll take it!

Kimber says:

The next time someone asks me if I was raised in a barn, I'll say, "I WISH!!!"

As beautiful as those original timber walls are, I think I'd always wonder how sanitary they were. I was raised around horses, and I have too many memories of mucking the stalls.

Belen says:

beautiful, I love the idea of ​​keeping the ancient gates and walls

rooth says:

This is gorgeous. I probably wouldn't keep as many of the stable door elements but I like the concept

that is amazing! I love it!
thanks for sharing!

kim & jo for president!
xo katharina

Remember that Rhett Butler smelt of cigars, whisky and horses…

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