Posted on Fri, 12 Jul 2013 by midcenturyjo

It isn’t so much a look. It’s a connection. That tug at your heart, the stirring of a memory in your design mind. Dreams and history and reminiscence. I’ve never met Seattle based interior designer Brian Paquette, never lived in his part of the world but there is something. A connection. A link. An understanding. A love of what he creates. The simplicity, the honesty, the beauty.

Hi Jo,
I can see an Aussie flavour here……I think it's the casual vibe.
How's the serenity???
Tania xx

Annabelle says:


I really adore all of this. It is impressive how Brian manages to connect vintage and modern stuff.

I bookmarked the post on my best-of-livingblogs-collection.

Enjoy your Friday.


oregonbird says:

This is a style I recognize — finding a perfect piece of ordinary furniture, and then using it wherever it is needed and allowing it to evolve, changing its purpose over and over, never minding that it picks up dings and visual history along the way. This is how you end up happy with the same furniture at 70 that you bought at 25.

RVS says:

What orgeonbird said. Beautiful.

A friend just sent this to me…and IT MADE MY DAY…seriously, thank you…beyond words.
and when you DO make it over here, you can be sure we will connect. <3

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