Beam&Block House

Posted on Tue, 16 Jul 2013 by KiM

The folks at Polish architecture firm mode:lina sent over their latest completed project. It’s 140 sq m, and the clients are fans of Scandinavian style so they requested concrete and wood, with lots of white, and dark grey and yellow. They also wanted lots of storage while maximizing space so all doors are sliding, and the dog gets a spot to nap under the stairs. The clients also requested a fireplace and a TV that didn’t stand out, so dark walls help to hide these features. (Not sure why you would want to hide a fireplace). I have to mention how cool the concrete stairs with wooden treads look – seems to be an ongoing feature of a mode:lina property.

Ugh! So fancy!

I can't take it anymore…. It makes my home looks like poopoo 🙁

Why won't these contractors take the clue and build more stuff like these wonderful pieces of art?

i like the fact that there is wood on top of the concrete, because if it was just concrete it would be really hard on my feet and fiendishly cold in the winter so much that i'd not like it.


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