Susanna Cots – transversal expression

Posted on Thu, 18 Jul 2013 by KiM

Susanna Cots is an interior designer from Barcelona and this home is her creation. A skin made of wood that transversally crosses the housing is Susanna Cots‘ “leitmotiv” to develop this interior design project, the home in Barcelona of two book lovers. The starting point of the housing is located in its central nucleus where the dining room’s ceilings are dressed in wood that, at the same time, shapes the furniture that holds the TV and a bioethanol fireplace. This wooden wrapping continues across the ceiling and separates the living and the water areas inside and outside, and is subtly bathed in natural light in the bathrooms. The warm area reaches the suite defining the sleeping area and finally becoming the bed head. I really love the idea of a feature that carries from one space to the next. There’s something very inviting about that… it’s like an invisible force guiding you. And in this case it seems to act as a blanket. What a beautiful home.

Such an incredibly designed home!

Jes says:

Love it! That large lamp in the living room is especially awesome. Do you know who makes it?

KiM says:

@Jes – it's Artemide's Tolomeo mega floor lamp

This looks absolutely perfect, no flaws at all, no mess. Just very beautiful decorating!

What a stunner of an interior

dennis says:

WHAt is that great floor? I can't find anything that resembles that.

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