Taking the subway

Posted on Tue, 30 Jul 2013 by midcenturyjo

Why be pedestrian in your kitchen design when you can ride the subway? Subway tile that is. Beautiful kitchen by Heiberg Cummings Design.

Jamie says:

I really love the floor to ceiling tile look. My wife and I are considering doing something similar with basic subway style tile (but straight-set instead of the more common subway style offset). I am planning to only do a sort of half height around the kitchen though. My thought is to do the backsplash areas, and then carrying that same height (where the tile meets the underside of the cabinets) around the rest of the room. Mainly because it would be MUCH cheaper. I'm hoping it would still look as good as the floor to ceiling.

Diane says:

Anyone else think there is something off about the woman in picture number 2? I swear you can see the doorframe behind her running through her shoulder. Weird.

Jamie says:

I agree Diane

teresa says:


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