Stalking the beauty of decay

Posted on Thu, 1 Aug 2013 by midcenturyjo

Stalking an unassuming facade in Collingwood, Melbourne. Perhaps a shop with accommodation over? Is it one of those über slick modern renovations that leaves the front in an unrestored state then wows you with high end finishes and slick design within? No. It is something more poignant, to me more inspiring. The march of time, the aging of a building, the death of a space. The beauty of decay. A moment in time to marvel at the untouched shell until someone buys it and wows you with high end finishes and slick design within. Link here while it lasts.

Penny says:

I did LOL reading the real estate blurb – "with most of the hard work done".
I guess that is in a manner of speaking.
Anyway, I agree it is somewhat beautiful. I wish I had a spare million dollars (x 2).

Matthieu says:

It's look like my house when I bought it. Trust me there is a lot of work to do there ! but it can be gorgeous ! !

There is something romantic and intriguing about this.
Great post!

It's that energy jolt of pure potential, one can get hooked!

Tyson says:

Jo, you find the best places. To me, this is perfection – unassuming, alive, incomplete and warm. Love.

SM says:

I hope the new buyer leaves it as is. It's beautiful.

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