Colour play

Posted on Wed, 14 Aug 2013 by midcenturyjo

More from Doherty Lynch. The Sutherland Road house. Colour plays across wall and floor, furniture pops, rugs revel, and artwork splashes. Fresh and young and bright and stylish. Australian interior design I love you!

Flamingo says:

Now that is what you call true design art 🙂

Deb says:

Thanks for the post, Jo! I agree that it is fresh, bright and stylish but… I am going to take this opportunity to make a general comment (no offence intended) about the use of the descriptive "young" in interior design. It really, really gets my goat. Unless, of course, the "young" design is totally unsuitable for or could not possibly be appreciated by anyone over thirty.

liset says:

Wauw nice pictures! Love al the looks and colour combinations.

oh holland says:

Heavenly! MCM furniture in a classic old space always nails me. Perfect counterpoints of color to serene neutrals. Love the restrained shelves with texture-y charcoal backgrounds flanking the fireplace … that fish painting … did everybody catch the interior hues of the wall sconces in the entryway? And the phrase "rugs revel" sure says it right.

Oh, so much to adore.

oregonbird says:

Might as well object to 'oval'. Words carry baggage, and it's the baggage that you want. 'Young' brings a lot of inference to the party, and the ageism that is all some can see is nothing more than a smudge off to one side. It can and has been an insult, it can and has been the equivalent of a birth announcement, it implies everything from season to irrationality to naivete to color choice. Every word has its place, and then it has a thousand other places to be, to show its other Aspects and Attributes. Young works here.

Margarete says:

I love all and I could live here. Congratulations.

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