A fun loft in Moscow

I freaking LOVE this loft apartment in Moscow I found on The Village. From what I can make out thanks to Google translate, the owners (who might be architects) needed a live/work space and the loft underwent a massive renovation to make it liveable. There are so many fun features – the hilarious bear rug, a hammock, a tree growing out of the wall, the moody blue bedroom nook, the plant boxes and bicycle art in the kitchen…it’s simply a really quirky and playful place to hang out. My one issue is the few inches of rock on the outer edges of the walls – that’s sort of odd and wouldn’t be very fun to keep clean. And you best get along with your partner. 🙂

3 Replies to “A fun loft in Moscow”

  1. Finally! A bearskin rug even I can embrace. And the animalistic lamp appears to be all- faux too.

    *bear hugs* to the owners/designers!

  2. Очень нравится ваш дом,я уже его видела на видео,вроде на Сундуке,просто супер идеи,а ваша галька на полу это вообще потрясение!!!!Желаю вам дальнейших творческих успехов и процветания вашему дому,идеям и проектам!!!!

  3. I love everything about this apartment! The space, the vibrancy, the use of colour & (of course) the humour! Love it!

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