Summer forever

Posted on Sun, 25 Aug 2013 by KiM

I wish summer would last forever. To sit here at my computer with the window open and listen to the birds, traffic (LOL), and enjoy the cool breeze. To see green outside instead of white and brown. I could just move into a traditional Mediterranean villa such as this one and all would be right with the world. (I would have to add a bit of black and more modern and industrial touches to it though). Via Micasa.

You should move to Andalucia, în Southern Spain. It's a neverending summer.

Ivy Lane says:

I could live here in a heartbeat!



Damani says:

I just back from a beautiful place in Toscana, Italy. Mamma Mia! Looks like I need to visit Andalucia, in southern Spain next summer. This place deserves two Mamma Mia's!!

Love it!

Eliane Foglia says:

Gorgeous ! Of course Andalucia is beautiful ! But I live in Italy and there are lots of wonderful places ! Take a look at my blog :
about life on my Italian olive farm.

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