When you don’t mind the graffiti

Posted on Mon, 26 Aug 2013 by midcenturyjo

When does your real estate agent beg you not to paint over the graffiti on the side of your house? When it’s good, really good. An otherwise unremarkable house for sale in Collingwood, Melbourne with artwork by DOES, Adnate and Sirum. Link here while it lasts.

Frances says:

Sorry, I think it is ugly and classless.

oh holland says:

In Man's quest to be edgy, gritty, gangsta, hipster or whatever …. good taste and sense get shoved out the window.

Mary says:

The elderly can be so cynical sometimes…. I think its beautiful.

Joshua says:

Thank you Mary!!! I believe that the height of 'class' and 'good taste' is appreciating other perspectives on taste. There is beauty in everything if you look for it…. Failing which there is politeness and respect for other's creative visions. I like the sense of colour and fun on an otherwise drab and grey street corner. It is not Versailles … But not everything in life must be so serious!

oh holland says:

Hey, Mary, who ya callin' elderly? Wait .. 'scuse me a minute … HEY you kids, off my lawn!

OK, as I was saying …

KiM says:


Katie says:

As someone who lives in Melbourne I have to say that I have a love / hate relationship with Graffiti, I can appreciate that a piece like this is amazing and has had a lot of effort put into it, not many of them will stay that way for long as so many public pieces are destroyed by 'taggers' etc. I LOVE that the real estate agent has recognised that this is a quality piece and are fighting to keep it there, I also think that anyone moving into this area needs to realise that it is either this piece or plain wall that some little twerp will come a long and tag every time it's been freshly painted over, people are far less likely to tag a work this big by artists with a level of respect.

The layout of the house needs some work though and the jumbled sizes and placement of the wall cavity shelving is poorly executed.

(PS Most people who do works like the one on the side of this house aren't young, bit like Tony Hawk (famous Skateboarder) the ones that do it well are the ones that have been practicing for a LONG time) 🙂

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