John Pawson

Posted on Wed, 28 Aug 2013 by KiM

I am often captivated by the beauty in minimalist architecture. While I don’t think I can ever live in a space without ‘stuff’, it’s almost soothing to know that some people out there have the restraint to live so simply. British designer John Pawson is known for his minimalist aesthetic. His homes are absolutely stunning and I would be honoured to live in one of them…but with some stuff. 🙂

Diane says:

Minimalism isn't about living without 'stuff'', it's more about not seeing all your 'stuff''. Minimalism as an aesthetic choice isn't for everyone but it can be a remarkably calming experience if the rest of your life is chaotic.

Rose says:

This is probably the extreme of minimalism, and I'm not sure I could live like that, but it sure makes for some beautiful photographs and spaces.


lila says:

I used to love minimalist architeture and design such as this but after seeing so much in a while I'm starting to get a bit tired. The etherealness of those rooms gives them an exaggerated impersonality and instead of feeling like home they feel like a sophisticated doctor's office, a furtinure showcase or an art exhibition. Beautiful but lifeless.

Sarah says:

Very beautiful…but where is the barn where they keep all their stuff? 🙂

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