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Posted on Thu, 1 Aug 2013 by KiM

Intermode, an Australian modular housing company, creates dream homes. And these four homes would without a doubt be a DREAM to inhabit. 

The coastal Mornington Peninsula hamlet of Blairgowrie has always inspired exciting contemporary architecture. With its rugged terrain, sloping hills, wind-swept tea-trees and sand dunes, the typography provides a rich backdrop for robust architectural expressions. Situated on a sloping site that opens up to a large tract of nature reserve, this Intermode beach house is subtlety tied to its tree line. The shell, painted in darker colours, disappears into the land, ensuring seclusion. In a conscious gesture, the low-slung building has been purposefully tucked into the site to enhance privacy but also to create a process of discovery.

Nestled in a canopy of trees in the Dandenong Ranges, the Emerald House is the soul of discretion. Surrounded by thick foliage and tall maple and oak trees, the house dissolves into its landscape, creating an almost tree house-like atmosphere. 

The word “journey” is a horribly overused cliché, but it is entirely apt when describing the visitor’s arrival at this Woodend House. Situated on a rural property, this house encourages a journey of discovery through a carefully choreographed experience of arrival. Totally engrained within its site, this house is a celebration of light, nature and the changing seasons.

Surrounded by valleys, Bright House sits on a generous green parcel of land in alpine country Victoria. The clients, who have a rich history and tradition with the land, requested a weekend house that would celebrate the daily rituals of life – food, gardening, walking, sleeping, and entertaining. 

Jean Liu

Posted on Thu, 1 Aug 2013 by midcenturyjo

Modern, tailored spaces. Elegant and warm. Personal. Dallas-based interior designer Jean Liu shapes places, creates homes, refines and designs with passion and grace.

Stalking the beauty of decay

Posted on Thu, 1 Aug 2013 by midcenturyjo

Stalking an unassuming facade in Collingwood, Melbourne. Perhaps a shop with accommodation over? Is it one of those über slick modern renovations that leaves the front in an unrestored state then wows you with high end finishes and slick design within? No. It is something more poignant, to me more inspiring. The march of time, the aging of a building, the death of a space. The beauty of decay. A moment in time to marvel at the untouched shell until someone buys it and wows you with high end finishes and slick design within. Link here while it lasts.