Posted on Mon, 2 Sep 2013 by midcenturyjo


Up under the eaves sits an urban pad just right for inner city single’s living. Light streams into this warehouse conversion, bouncing off white walls and polished concrete floor. Small but not too bijou for entertaining with a weighted wall of glass and steel that opens up to the outdoor courtyard. Add a little of your own personality and you’ll have a stylish inner city base. Close to the action but safe and sound up under those aeves. Link here while it lasts.

Blanders says:

Just don't try to do an overnight load of laundry – the washing machine is right next to the head of the bed!

stall69 says:

Thats my kind of observation Blanders! Plus you have to keep the bedroom tidy as everyone has to go through it to use the only bathroom.

oregonbird says:

It's very awkward. I want to like it, but then I run into a wall, or hit my head getting out of bed. It's the top of a warehouse… and there's no sense of space whatsoever, even with a walk-out patio. A thousand little bits of wall, a living room where relaxing on the sofa involves staring at a perpetually-lowering ceiling…

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