A Glebe home tour – part 1

Posted on Tue, 3 Sep 2013 by KiM

As I mentioned on Friday, it’s almost time for the Glebe House Tour (for those of you living in or near Ottawa). I was asked again this year to embark on some personal tours of the homes…but this time I only managed to score one due to homeowner’s hectic schedules. I have to say that am I ever glad this house was the one! It is the eclectic, bohemian chic home of Kathrin, her husband Sebastian, daughter Bella (6),  son Sasha (13), daughter Sophie (now living in Vancouver), their son Nicky who passed away in 2009 (he would be 17) and totally adorable dogs Mishka and Ziggy. The 3-story home of this family is a dream, located in one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Ottawa with tons of space and a beautiful property. What makes this home so incredible is that it’s filled with thrift finds, pieces destined for the dump, and lots of handmade bits and bobs. It’s all done on a budget, and the creativity and warmth that exude from this home is really beyond words. I did not want to leave. (And when I did leave I made my husband suffer through all the photos with me – LOL). I took a ton of photos and had a hard time deleting any of them because there was so much to photograph, so this post will be a LONG one, and there will be a part 2. Here I’ll focus on the front of the home, the entryway, lounge/living room, the basement turned craft area and a couple corners of the upstairs (might not be part of the tour). 

{ this furry thing is Ziggy }

{ the artwork above was found in the trash }

{ this Eames chair would not fit in my backpack DAMMIT!!! }

{ the floor in the basement was dug down 2 feet and the tiles are heated }

{ and now a little peek at upstairs… }

{ this is Sasha’s room }

 { this is a 3-season sunroom that is a future project not yet tackled }

{ this is a piece of mirror from a cheap sliding closet door leaning on the wall and a handmade frame leaning against it }

{ she wouldn’t fit in my backpack either! }

Sparky says:

What a fascinating home! I will no longer consider myself a hoarder of tote bags after seeing the stash this family has in their basement workshop! Thank you for the thorough photo coverage of the spaces. I look forward to seeing the second part of the tour. xSparky

superdutch says:

Great! A real house for real people and not styled within an inch of its life! And also a gorgeous house done on the budget of a normal family, not some gazillionnaires!

So in love with this place – and for it to be in Ottawa, is great.

SISSY says:

A stellar tour of a favorite family home that have enjoyed over the years!! All the great changes fit the style and at last see them on this venue finished and in-use . Congratulations!!

sarah says:

Love the 10,000 tote bags collection and how they're displayed! Bag nut swoons.

Barb B says:

Wow so warm and interesting, typical of Kat

Jimmy D. says:

Any dwelling can be a house but it takes a special dwelling to be a true Home. It is the little things that make this home stand out. Beautiful work Katrin, Bravo!

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