Alec Hemer

Posted on Wed, 4 Sep 2013 by KiM

It has been years since we blogged the work of interior photographer Alec Hemer. He is one of those talents who can capture a space so perfectly that it makes you absolutely fall in love with it, regardless of the subject matter. When you realize you’ve been staring at his photo of a traditional space for several minutes and you snap out of it thinking ‘since when do I like traditional???’. It’s magic I tell ya. (I am in head over heels for the bedroom above and the kitchen below)

Kinga from Hungary says:

Sweet Jesus, these interiors, spaces, styles are absolutely my taste in every little detail! I haven't seen as perfect homes as these before, what a great inspiration! Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting them!
All the best,

Each one of those 3 living room photos are my cup of tea. Gorgeous, comfortable, liveable. Deborah, Green Light District, Toronto

oregonbird says:

Fourth picture up, my mind boggled. "Gas station lounge" it said. "Oh yes please!" I answered.

Alex must really love photographing these fantastic spaces. Each one is so full of life…and so much detail.

Not hard-styled, but everything just goes. I appreciate when I can truly get a feel for a person's/family's personality from their home design.

Katie says:

I love it, all the layers that work so well together. I am particularly loving that wall of rulers/ruler wallpaper? Such a cool idea!

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