Library rules

Posted on Wed, 4 Sep 2013 by midcenturyjo

The library rules. No not “ssshhh no talking”. I mean this amazing library rules! The house too. The book lined shelves provide transition between the old house and the new extension, screening the open plan living areas from the hallway and front door. Black, white and wood, my favourite combo, are accentuated by the polished concrete floor and occasional burst of colour. By Melbourne based design atelier Techné.

Werbebanner says:

Oh i love the whole interriour design it is awesome, expecially the kitchen …. wonderfull photos and impressions !

rooth says:

Uhh yes! Most favouritest house ever because of that library!

Shannon says:

Amazing house!! I love the grey in the lounge (maybe)….does anyone know what tone it is?

KiM says:

Sorry Shannon, there is no info about the paint colours on Techné's site.

steve in Carmel CA says:

Lovely & so cool. Is the fireplace mantel totally faux? If so, I want one! (Where to find?)

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